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Alison Angel Hot Yellow Bikini

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When it comes to bikinis, Alison Angel is the queen…. She fits into a bikini perfectly…. Look at the way her titties are trying to pop out of that hot yellow bikini?

Not much to her bikini…. And that’s hot!

The sunglasses Alison Angel is wearing makes it so much hotter too!

That bikini bottom isn’t much of a bikini at all is it? That is one tiny bikini…. The top is pretty small too. You must know this is intentional on the part of Alison Angel. Chicks love showing off their body, and there is no better way to show off a body than wearing a bikini…. You know chicks like Alison Angel wear bikinis like this not to show off to men and try to find a mate (or someone to fuck!), but also to show off to other women too… Chicks like her get off watching men watch her, and they also get off with women watching them too!

That’s why chicks like Alison Angel wear such hot sexy bikinis!

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