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Alison Angel Is The Perfect Bikini Babe

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It’s really no big secret that I have a huge thing for Alison Angel. I always have. She used to live in Phoenix and she lived near me; She used to come to my birthday parties. I remember the first time I met her; I had no idea who she was other than “another FTV model”. FTV Girls always had hot models, but it was pretty obvious that Alison Angel was a cut above the rest. She just perfect in every way, not a single flaw on her body or face. Her breasts were just the right size. But the very best part of Alison Angel was that she was just pleasant to be around – always happy. She had a kind word for everyone.

I could imagine what it would be like to be her lover. I would be like “suck deeper” or “bend over” or “wear this” and Alison Angel would just do what she was told to do with a smile on her face. I bet you Alison Angel smiles when she’s being fucked doggie style too!

Alison Angel has the perfect body for a bikini, that’s for sure!

Lucky for Alison Angel she lives in Phoenix where it is always hot, and in Phoenix bikinis are a way of life… She’ll be able to wear a bikini a lot, every time she takes a dip in the pool. And Alison Angel must be the kind of chick that likes taking a dip in the pool a lot!

I so love the kind of bikini that has the little strings on it… One little pull on the string and the bikini bottom that Alison Angel has on will suddenly come off!

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