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Hotter Bikini Babe

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One of the best things about bikinis is that they come in all sizes…. Some show off more, some show off less, but most show off more than enough to keep us interested.

Of course, only women with decent looking bodies wear bikinis. It’s not often you see a chick with a huge gut trying to show off her body in a bikini. This is one of the things that makes the bikini so special. Fat chicks might try to pour their fat ass into a tight pair of jeans, but that doesn’t work too well with a bikini. The fat has no place to hid in a bikini.

One of the new trends with bikinis is the top and how they show off the breasts. The newer bikinis test to lift up and sqeeze the boobs together… It’s super hot!

This hot bikini babe her her boobs lifted up and pushed together too!

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