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Sexy Bikini Goddess

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Her website is no longer up, but Corin Riggs was super easy on the eyes. Great body, great fact, great tits, great attitude. She was winner for sure. You just know someone some where is banging her daily and nightly. And if they ever get tied of it, they can always pass her over to us. We’ll gladly take this bikini beauty.

She sure does look nice in her bikini here. It looks like her boobs are resting in that bikini top, which is kind of hot – When Corin Riggs shows off her cleavage she is also giving you a little bit more than she intended. That works fine too!

corrin riggs hot bikini

Of course, it looks like she might just have a wardrobe malfunction at any time. And those are always super fun.

Just imagine how quickly that bikini bottom would come off if you just pulled on those strings!

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