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Damn…. Ewa Sonnet fills out a bikini perfectly!

I’ve been running blogs and other sites since 2005 or so, and I’ve seen a lot of bikini pictures…. Lots of hot sexy beautiful women…. Lots of boobs…. But Ewa Sonnet looks damn smoking hot in a bikini!

Big breasted girls are difficult. Usually big boobs means fat chicks. The bigger the boobs, the bigger the girl. It’s difficult to find a woman with huge boobs who is skinny…. But Ewa Sonnet is perfect. Huge boobs, skiny waist. Sheer prefection.

And of course our bikini goddess looks perfect with her huge boobs and slim waist….. Yum!

Makes you wonder if Ewa Sonnet  floats when she’s in the pool! I know boobs float, but when her boobs are that big…. Maybe they make her float as well. I would love to see if she has ever tried.

So damn hot.

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