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Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner in a sexy pink bikini on a very crowded beach… Beautiful!

sophie turner pink bikini

Pretty Bikini Teen

I found this sexy bikini tart on a website called Spunky Angels….

teen bikini babe20

Melissa Midwest

There are bikini babes you want to fuck, and then there are bikini babes you want you spend the rest of your life with. Melissa Midwest is one of those chicks you want to spend the rest of your life with. She’s easy on the eyes, beautiful even, and she’s got a killer bikini body. With that said, most of us like to brag and talk big about how much we can party. But trust me when I tell you that Melissa Midwest can drink your ass right under the table.

And she’ll look beautiful doing it too!


Who wouldn’t want to try to drink Melissa Midwest under the table… And even more so when she’s wearing this ultra sexy bikini!

Misty Anderson

Hot damn – sexy Misty Anderson in a super hot bikini on the beach….


I don’t know where Misty Anderson is, but it looks like they are docking super speed boats right three on the beach!

Melissa Midwest Bikini

Melissa Midwest. Bikini. Boobies. Ponytail.

melissa midwest bikini

Hot hot hot!

Catie Minx Bikini Fun

Hot damn… Time for some hot fun in the sun bikini style – this around with hot teen Catie Minx… Normally Catie Minx likes the cosplay stuff, but she’s right at home in a bikini too. What teen chick isn’t comfortable with being in a bikini?

catie-minx-sexy bikini

She loves showing off her body when she’s wearing a bikini… And it looks like Catie Minx really wants to get naked here! She’s pulling off her

Sunny Leone

Penthouse Pet Sunny Leone in a stunning red bikini on her knees on the beach…. Smoking hot!

sunny leone6

I knew Sunny Leone had boobs, but I never really noticed they are this big!

Karla Spice Yellow Bikini

Karla Spice, sexy yellow bikini… On the beach…

karla spice yellow bikini1

This looks like a fun way to spend the day!

karla spice yellow bikini2

Bikini Surfer Babe

Now this is a super hot bikini shot…. I swear, between the fact that she’s wearing a bikini, she has a tight little ass, AND she surfs… She’s marriag material all the way!

hot bikini babe

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan on her 23rd birthday in a bikini….. Oh wow!

lindsay lohan 23rd birthday party bikini

Raven Riley Bikini

All men like a hot chick in a bikini…. The better the body, the better the over all look.

Raven Riley has a sexy tight little banging body, and when she puts on a bikini she’s showing the world that she was blessed with good genes. Damn, look at her flat little belly – you could bounce a quarter off of it! And I bet you it’s really good for eating off of too!


Seriously, who wouldn’t want to fuck a girl like Raven Riley on a daily basis?

Hot Bikini Babe

If your women doesn’t look like this in a bikini… You need a new women!

This hot babe from Alluring Vixens seems to have forgotten to put on her bikini bottom, but she’s wearing a tight pair of short shorts instead… She’s wearing a sexy little bikini top and squeezing her boobs together and it’s never looked fucking hotter!

hot bikini babe

This is one bikini hottie I want to spend my hot summer days with!

Jessica Hart Bikini Pix

Meet Jessica Hart. She’s looking nice in a bikini. Nice strong legs, perky boobies…. just the right amount of cleavage.

jessica heart bikini 1

Jessica Hart even looks good from behind!

jessica heart bikini 2

Endless Summer

I summer here? Has Melissa Midwest pulled out her bikini yet and sent us some new pictures of her swimming? Seems she has……. I’ve been waiting for this all fucking winter long!

melissa midwest bikini pool fun4

Because it just isn’t summer until Melissa Midwest takes some new pictures in her sexy bikini!

Check out her ass here in this bikini bottom, just sticking out of the pool…. She wants you to step up and take care of business here!

melissa midwest bikini pool fun3

Who wouldn’t want to fuck Melissa Midwest in the ass here?

Annabelle Angel

Saturday morning. Great day to hit the beach. Which makes me think of bikinis. Which in turn makes me think of Annabell Angel. Damn hot.

Why is Annabell Angel on her knees like this? With her legs spread. You should read my blog more often. I’ll explain this again. All women are sluts. They love to spread their legs. They love to have sex (although they’ll tell you otherwise). They love giving head, but good luck getting any of them to admit it. And above all, all chicks love banging other chicks. Trust me on this one!

annabelle angel hot bikini babe1

Oh, they also love getting fucked doggie style. Seriously. They love that. Seems Annabell Angel does too!

annabelle angel hot bikini babe2

This is a great pose from Annabell Angel… Down on her knees, legs spread… we can see all of her cleavage in all of it’s glory. So damn beautiful!

Sexy Shayla Jennings

Shayla Jennings…. Hot bikini babe!

shayla jennings sexy bikini babe1

She even looks good from behind too!

shayla jennings sexy bikini babe2

Ann Angel Bikini Beach Fun

No one wears a bikini better than Alison Angel. Get her on the beach in a bikini and there is just no better way to spend the day…

Not only does Alison Angel look perfect in her bikini, but she’s already on her knees… We can see her getting down on all fours in her bikini!

alison angel bikini beach

Then again, we would take Alison Angel in any position!

Perfect Bikini Breasts

Karla Spice – perfect teen breasts for a bikini!

teen bikini babe14

Queen of Celebrity Bikinis

Kim Kardashian, the queen of celebrity bikinis….. Perfect!

She took this photo herself!

kim-kardashian nu bikini

Fuck – Kim Kardashian has a beautiful rack!

Beautiful Bikini Babe

I have no idea who this sexy bikini babe is… But damn, she’s fucking hot!

hot bikini babe17

Her breasts fit perfectly in her bikini top!

Haley’s Secret

Yummy… Meet Hayley from Hayley’s Secret. I can only imagine what secrets this blonde babe has to hide from us…

Then again, she’s wearing a bikini so what secrets can she be hiding….

hayley sexy bikini

Hayley is just plain sexy through and through, no matter what she’s wearing. Even sans bikini she’s stunning – perfect tits, perfect body!

Rachel Sexton Bikini Slut

Now everyone loves the bikini and high heels combination – it’s magical. And women love it too – all women are sluts, some more than others, and they love showing off their junk… You can tell Rachel Sexton gets off on this. She loves pracing around outside in her little black and white bikini and high heels, making men all around the pool nice and hard…

rachel sexy teen bikini high heels

And when Rachel Sexton bends over in her bikini…. That’s too freaking hot for me to handle!

Claudia Schiffer

Damn…. Claudia Schiffer had it going on back in the day! No wonder why Claudia Schiffer was considered one of the first super models!

Claudia Schiffer Bikini

When I look at this picture of Claudia Schiffer the first thing I see is a her flat belly and her the way her bikini bottom fits around her waist… Smoking hot!

Claudia Schiffer makes a killer bikini babe!

Carli Banks

Twistys has some of the hottest chicks on the Internet today. And when they cram them into a bikinis…. Hot damn!

Check out Carli Banks in her sexy bikini….


I bet you Twistys has a lot more hot bikini babes too!


Sexy Faye Regan

Faye Regan in a sexy little bikini. Yum yum.

faye regan hot bikini

I have no idea who this picture belongs to, so I can’t even send traffic to the right website!

Hot Bikini Malfunction

I know this website is dedicate to women in bikinis, but I am guessing no one is going to complain if Alison Angel is having a “wardrobe malfunction”.. Alison Angel has her titties out, and her bikini bottom is coming off… She’s showing off her snatch and there is nothing she can do about it.

sexy alison angel hot blonde teen 089

But secretly I think Alison Angel likes it when her bikini falls off!

Raimi Miller

Now this is fun – Meet Raimi Miller. She’s a good friend of mine. Perfect in a hot little teen bikini.

Would you believe I shot this photo of Raimi Miller myself? I did.

Yes, I’m a lucky lucky man!


High Heels

We love it when hot sexy teens wear bikinis, mostly because of their firm little tight bodies and perky teen breasts…. But also because they always seem to wear high heels with their bikinis! And bikinis are just perfect for high heels. It sort of screams “fuck me”. Nice.

This is Playful Alice on the left and Ann Angel on the right.

Seems Playful Alice and Ann Angel are in front of a TV. Would you rather watch football, or watch these two smoking hot bikini clad teens?


Bikini Car Wash

Not sure why, but when some people say bikinis we often think cash wash. But we are perverts any how.

Meet Chase The Hottie. Hot!

chase the hottie sexy-teen bikini3

Looks like she just got done washing her car. Oh how we love that!

Hot Nu Blog

Lewd Fruit is the hot new Pinterest blog devoted to solo girls! Check it out today!

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