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Haley’s Secret

Yummy… Meet Hayley from Hayley’s Secret. I can only imagine what secrets this blonde babe has to hide from us…

Then again, she’s wearing a bikini so what secrets can she be hiding….

hayley sexy bikini

Hayley is just plain sexy through and through, no matter what she’s wearing. Even sans bikini she’s stunning – perfect tits, perfect body!

Rachel Sexton Bikini Slut

Now everyone loves the bikini and high heels combination – it’s magical. And women love it too – all women are sluts, some more than others, and they love showing off their junk… You can tell Rachel Sexton gets off on this. She loves pracing around outside in her little black and white bikini and high heels, making men all around the pool nice and hard…

rachel sexy teen bikini high heels

And when Rachel Sexton bends over in her bikini…. That’s too freaking hot for me to handle!

Claudia Schiffer

Damn…. Claudia Schiffer had it going on back in the day! No wonder why Claudia Schiffer was considered one of the first super models!

Claudia Schiffer Bikini

When I look at this picture of Claudia Schiffer the first thing I see is a her flat belly and her the way her bikini bottom fits around her waist… Smoking hot!

Claudia Schiffer makes a killer bikini babe!

Carli Banks

Twistys has some of the hottest chicks on the Internet today. And when they cram them into a bikinis…. Hot damn!

Check out Carli Banks in her sexy bikini….


I bet you Twistys has a lot more hot bikini babes too!


Sexy Faye Regan

Faye Regan in a sexy little bikini. Yum yum.

faye regan hot bikini

I have no idea who this picture belongs to, so I can’t even send traffic to the right website!

Hot Bikini Malfunction

I know this website is dedicate to women in bikinis, but I am guessing no one is going to complain if Alison Angel is having a “wardrobe malfunction”.. Alison Angel has her titties out, and her bikini bottom is coming off… She’s showing off her snatch and there is nothing she can do about it.

sexy alison angel hot blonde teen 089

But secretly I think Alison Angel likes it when her bikini falls off!

Raimi Miller

Now this is fun – Meet Raimi Miller. She’s a good friend of mine. Perfect in a hot little teen bikini.

Would you believe I shot this photo of Raimi Miller myself? I did.

Yes, I’m a lucky lucky man!


High Heels

We love it when hot sexy teens wear bikinis, mostly because of their firm little tight bodies and perky teen breasts…. But also because they always seem to wear high heels with their bikinis! And bikinis are just perfect for high heels. It sort of screams “fuck me”. Nice.

This is Playful Alice on the left and Ann Angel on the right.

Seems Playful Alice and Ann Angel are in front of a TV. Would you rather watch football, or watch these two smoking hot bikini clad teens?


Bikini Car Wash

Not sure why, but when some people say bikinis we often think cash wash. But we are perverts any how.

Meet Chase The Hottie. Hot!

chase the hottie sexy-teen bikini3

Looks like she just got done washing her car. Oh how we love that!

Super Sexy Kate Upton

When it comes to celebrities in bikinis, no one beats out Kate Upton. She’s the queen of bikinis. And Kate Upton dominates Sports Illustrated…

Looks like today Kate Upton is having fun in the sand, on her knees in a bikini…

kate upton bikini

You know, even Kate Upton has to spend a lot of time on her knees.. And with the boobies that she has, she looks perfect there!

Joanna Krupa and Marta Krupa

Joanna Krupa and Marta Krupa for Ralph magazine…. In bikinis. Holy hotness!


Hot Bikini Babe

No idea who this bikini babe is…… But I’d hit it!

hot bikini babe15

Then again, you know me… Anything with a bikini on!

Lia 19 Posing

Make no fucking mistake about it, I love Lia 19. Hot, young, tight, blonde hair…. I know Lia 19 personally and let me tell you – she loves to fuck. Like you wouldn’t believe!

You can tell just by how she’s sporting the bikini and the high heels…… What’s really hot is how she’s hanging out around her car in her bikini. I love her fucking tight little body, and it looks oh so fucking hot half naked!


I love how Lia 19 is posing in front of her sexy little car….. She’s got the pose down, that’s for sure!


Nice Tight Boobies

Wow, talk about a killer bikini. Who ever took this picture – which I found on the The Wet Peach – knows how to take a picture. What a view – great angle on this babe……

I love the teen boobies!

hot teen-bikini babe dre1

And when she turns around…. That’s less of a bikini and more of a fucking string!

hot teen-bikini babe dre2

Alison Angel On A Boat

Alison Angel had a bikini on, but it looks like she took it off. In fact, Alison Angel is on the back of a boat getting naked and she’s never looked much hotter… It’s perfect!

We might be a bikini blog, but no one is going to complain if we have some Alison Angel naked on the back of a bat…

sexy big breasted blonde teen alison angel 48

I wouldn’t mind spending the day with Alison Angel naked at the lake on a boat!

Heidi Montag

Say what you want about Heidi Montag, but at the end of the day she’s got a killer fucking tight bikini body!


Imagine seeing Heidi Montag coming at you as your lifeguard to save you! Oh, I can see it now – I need some mouth to mouth!

Damn, what a killer rack she has!

heidi-montag-bikini-01 heidi-montag-bikini-03 heidi-montag-bikini-04 heidi-montag-bikini-05

heidi-montag-bikini-06 heidi-montag-bikini-07 heidi-montag-bikini-08 heidi-montag-bikini-09

XOXO Leah Topless

Bam. XOXO Leah in a sexy bikini on the pool. Well, at least a bikini bottom!

xoxo leah topless bikini babe

What beautiful breasts XOXO Leah has….

I love me a bikini as much as the nice guy, but topless is cool too! Oh so pretty to look at!

Triana Maida

I have no idea who Triana Maida is, but damn, she wears a bikini well!


Hot Little Bikini Slut

Bam, talk about a hot little bikini slut… This hottie from Alluring Vixens has all of the right curves in the right places. It’s perfect. She’s perfect. Every last inch of her body is perfect. Great rack, flat stomach… Very nice!

I would be her little sex slave all night and day if I could!

big bresated bikini slut

Oh, how I love a chick in a bikini!

Audrina Patridge Birthday Bikini

Audrina Patridge decided to celebrate her birthday… In a pool in Vegas wearing a hot little smoking bikini!


God damn god damn, Audrina Patridge has a tight little bikini body!!!


Hot Bikini Boat Ride

Here we go again with Sandy Summers displaying her bikini body on a boat…. Looks like she’s about to go for a ride, a nice long sexy boat ride!

In her bikini…..  Who wouldn’t want to got for a long boat ride with a bikini clad Sandy Summers…….


Big Teen Boobies

Some chicks were just made for a bikini….. The bigger the boobs, the better the bikini body!

This is Southern Brooke in her bikini. She’s got some big fucking boobies!


Lia 19 Sexy Sweet Bikini

We might be totally into bikinis, but when a hot chick like Lia 19 decides to start stripping out of her bikini…. We are fine with that. In fact, we look forward to seeing Lia 19 stripping all of her bikini off…. Because Lia 19 has such a killer little body!


Who wouldn’t want to hit this hot bikini babe!

And Lia 19 wears it well…. In fact, even when she’s naked she’s still a hot bikini babe!

lia-19-super-sexy-bikini06-1 lia-19-super-sexy-bikini07-1 lia-19-super-sexy-bikini10-1 lia-19-super-sexy-bikini11-1

Oh Lia 19 we love you so much! Bikini or not!


Lesbians In Bikinis

I found this picture on a lesbian website called Lezbo Honeys….. How can any of us pass up on not one, but two hotties in bikinis?

See, even these fucking two lesbians can keep their hands off of each other…..

lesbian bikini action

Bella XOXO

Meet Bella XOXO… She has a killer body and loves showing off; This hottie was made for a bikini… She’s perfect for it.

Of course, with solo girls like this…. They aren’t afraid to get naked for us. So you just know that sooner or later Bella XOXO is going to get naked for us… I love bikinis, but I would much rather see her naked…

bella xoxo bikini

Of course, I love how Bella XOXO is wearing high heels with her bikini!

Blonde Bikini Babe

When is a bikini not really a bikini? When it’s really three bits of fabric held together with some string….

hot blonde teen-blue bikini2

Bikini Dreams

Imagine this…. An entire website devoted to bikinis. It’s called Bikini Dreams.

Full of hot bikini babes!


Ann Angel

Ann Angel fills out a bikini nicely, doesn’t she? Not sure who has an indoor pool like that, but if they get to go swimming with Ann Angel like this they must be fucking lucky!

What a killer bikini body Ann Angel has. Then again, we always love to see a woman in a bikini sporting high heels!

ann angel hot white bikini1-1

Hot Nu Blog

Lewd Fruit is the hot new Pinterest blog devoted to solo girls! Check it out today!

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