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Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes. Bikini. Ocean.


Sexy Karla Spice

Karla Spice has a banging bikini body and she knows it…. I mean, she really knows it! This is why Karla Spice is always so willing to show it off!

If any chick you knew had this kind of body – tight little hips, flat stomach, huge perky teen breasts – wouldn’t they want to wear a bikini too?


Now the trick is getting Karla Spice out of that bikini!

Faye Reagan Bikini Hotness

My my my… Faye Reagan wears a bikini nicely! She’s got the body for it…

And the long sexy hair too!

faye regan bikini

Faye Reagan is totally bangable in this hot bikini!

Hot Bikini Slut

Bikinis come and go… But if a woman has boobs, and a decent body, she’ll look mighty fine in a bikini. This big breasted hottie looks great – and looks all hot and sweaty…

Just think – pull in the right direction and that bikini is coming quickly then you can say “doggie style”.

hot bikini babe

That’s right, this bikini slut likes it doggie style. Then again, don’t they all?

Old School

Boy, we’ve come a long long way haven’t we?

Keira Knightley-Atonement-UHQ Pictures 004

Rachel Bilson Bikini

Looks like the celebs have ditched Florida as their bikini destination and embraced Hawaii. About time they figured it out!

This is Rachel Bilson on the beach in Hawaii in her sexy bikini!

Rachel Bilson Bikini Hawaii 8

Catie Minx Red Hot Bikini

I’m not sure why chicks like Catie Minx like to wear huge fucking hats like this; They really aren’t attractive at all and kind of silly looking. But when she’s wearing a hat and this hot red bikini, well, they kind of play off each other – and scream “Let’s have some fun at the beach”.

Or maybe Catie Minx is really trying to say is she wants to have sex at the beach!

catie minx hot bikini ass 1

And with a tight teen ass like Catie Minx here, well, she’ll be having lots of sex on the beach!

catie minx hot bikini ass 2

Diddy’s Bikini

Oh fuck I would so fucking rip into Diddylicious in this tiny little bikini……


Katie Banks Bikini Fun

The best part of a bikini is always the boobs, and well… Katie Banks has enough breasts for three men and two women. This woman is all boobs, and in a bikini Katie Banks wears it well. Very nicely done.

Now if we can just get Katie Banks to a real beach and not some silly lake…

katie banks huge boobs bikini

Doesn’t matter though, Katie Banks has some beautiful flotation devices strapped to her chest!

Sexy Allison Angel

Here we go again with Alison Angel, my favorite bikini chick – and all time favorite solo girl. She’s perfect in every way.

I’ve met Alison Angel; We used to live near each other. She’s exactly what you would want her to be – Pretty, friendly, and a little bit on the shy side. She likes to pretend she’s innocent but I’ve spent lots and lots of time inside of her website and she’s not that innocent at all really.

Not only is Alison Angel utterly beautiful, but she’s got a killer body. And she loves to show it off wearing a bikini!


Dirty Aly

Ah, yes, here we go again – with another one of my good friends in a hot sexy bikini. This time it’s Dirty Aly. Come on, you have to admit – this chick is super tiny. So tiny in fact that if you place Dirty Aly on your lap you can spin her around and just pretty much have your way with her. And I like girls like that!

Dirty Aly, I love you!


Megan Fox Bikini

Hot damn… We all like bikinis, but Megan Fox takes it to the next level when she hits the beach in her sexy tiny black bikini! It’s too much to handle!


Blonde Bikini Hottie

I found this blonde hottie on Digital Desire…. Got to love that bikini!



Catie Minx Hot Bikini Fun

Hot damn, Catie Minx is rocking a bikini… With her goofy little shoes. I’d hit it. Just bend over Catie Minx and pull down her bikini bottom and fuck her tight little ass from behind.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. For now we should just enjoy the fact that Catie Minx is wearing a bikini.

catie minx hot sexy bikini 5

And Catie Minx in a bikini is a beautiful sight!

catie minx hot sexy bikini 1 catie minx hot sexy bikini 3 catie minx hot sexy bikini 4

Chloe 18

I love bikinis. Yum yum yum!

This is Chloe 18 and her girlfriend. That’s Chloe in the back. I’m not sure how the other girl is, but I’d do her too. And of course she looks smoking hot in her bikini too.

I also have some pictures of these two kissing in their bikinis, but I’ll save them for later. Those pictures are on the Chloe 18 website!


Carli Banks

Look at what I found on the Aziani website – Carli Banks in a hot little bikini at the pool, topless.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love the way breasts fit snuggly in a bikini top and yet are still being properly displayed, but topless works for me too. And Carli Banks topless works for me too!


Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger… Paddle surfing… In Hawaii… In her fucking bikini.


Nicole Scherzinger paddle surfing in Hawaii1

Nicole Scherzinger paddle surfing in Hawaii6

Hot Wife In Bikini

Wifey from Wifey’s World is the perfect women. Great body, big boobs and…. Loves sucking cock. On camera. On line. She’s got a website dedicated to her passion of getting her man off orally as often as she can. It’s beautiful. And a well put together website too.

Who wouldn’t want this big breasted beauty sucking down their cock?

wifes world huge boobs bikini

Would you believe this shot of big breasted Wifey is from a screen capture of a video? That’s right, she’s sucking down cock in her bikini!

Bashful Brittany

Ah, to be young again. If I was young, I could spend my time with hot little tight bikini clad babes like Bashful Brittany here. Damn tight damn fine.

She knows she’s got a killer body, and she loves to show it off too.


And when she teases in her bikini, well, it’s either going to break our heart or get a rise up of us!

Lesbians In Bikinis

I found these bikini hotties on a website called “We Live Together“.

we live together59

we live together58

Sweet Teen Bikini Ass

This is one hot sexy bikini babe… Her name is Bunni from Nubiles… Nice big rack she has!

Her teen breasts sort of float on the water! And when she tries to get out of the pool….. Well, Bunny looks great from behind too. Great little tight bikini ass she has!



Gemma Merna

I had no idea who Gemma Merna was until just now. If you guessed “Gemma” is an English name, you would be right. Seems she’s a British actress.

Here she is sporting her huge sweater puppies in a sexy hot bikini! Turns out she got her breasts when she was twenty-one and they are “the best thing she ever did” because it gave her self confidence. I like breasts as much as the next guy, but I’m guessing Gemma Merna looks hot no matter what!


Jewel’s Sexy Bikini

Private School Jewel just gets hotter and hotter every time I see her… Here she is again in a sexy little rainbow bikini!

private school jewel bikini babe1

Best Bikini Ever

Ever since day one, when I first met her, Misty Anderson has always been the perfect bikini babe. She’s tall, thin, has all of the right curves in all of the right places, and has huge boobs. Let’s face it, the bikini – bless the man that made the bikini – the boobs is what makes the bikini. The bigger the boobs, the better the bikini.

And Misty Anderson has a beautiful rack that fills out this sexy bikini perfectly!


Sexy Bikini Body

Looks like Ann Angel wears a bikini well… With a killer body like she has, it makes sense. She’s out there all right…. And perfectly fit and tan!

Ann Angel has the perfect little bikini body!

ann angel sexy bikini

Looks like she’s showing it off in her back yard… What Ann Angel needs is a sugar daddy with a pool!

That would make things interesting!

Karen Dreams

All women are sluts. That’s the only excuse they have for wearing bikinis. The love to show it off. They get off when the know men are looking at their boobies nearly naked and being undressed with their eyes…….

This is Karen Dreams. Oh yeah, you can just tell she loves showing it off in her fucking bikini. Slut.

I love it when chicks get on their hands and knees. Sluts. They all want to be hit from behind. When they wear a bikini, it’s even hotter. And sluttier.

I love Karen Dreams when she’s on her knees, legs spread, ass up….. So nice!

karen dreams bikini2

karen dreams bikini1

Tawnee And Rachel 18

Two hot young smoking teen babes in a hot tub – in bikinis. God, this is exactly why I love this blog. It just doesn’t get much hotter than this!

This is Tawnee Stone on the left and Rachel 18 on the right – both in bikinis with their breasts touching. So fucking hot!

tawnee stone jordan capri

Giulia Olivetti

Giulia Olivetti in a hot bikini in the pool….. Very strange bikini, but yet still so very sexy!

Giulia Olivetti-bikini

Katherine Jenkins

Katherine Jenkins decided to go surfing and someone was smart enough to bring a camera along for the ride. Thank god because Katherine Jenkins looks fucking banging in a bikini!

Katherine Jenkins might like to ride the surf board, but I want to ride her!

Katherine Jenkins-bikini

Sophie Anderton

Never heard of Sophie Anderton until right now, but she’s looking damn beautiful getting out of the pool!

Sophie Anderton-Turkey bikini

Hot White Bikini

Not sure about the weather outside, but if your lucky enough you’ll have access to an indoor pool – and a hot teen chick with perky boobs showing off her breasts in a sexy little bikini!

Today we have Ann Angel showing off her perky teen boobies….. Anyone want to take a dip? With Ann Angel? Do you need to ask twice? I am so in there!

ann angel hot white bikini1

Sexy Hayden Panettiere

A brand new design for the bikini fan club…. Nice! Let’s celebrate with one of my favorite pictures of Hayden Panettiere in her sexy little bikini!

I would so hit that sixteen different ways from next Thursday!

hayden panettiere bikini

Hot Bikini Babe

Damn, The Wet Peach really knows their bikinis……

wet peach bikini babe19

Hot Nu Blog

Lewd Fruit is the hot new Pinterest blog devoted to solo girls! Check it out today!

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