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Ashley Simpson Bikini

Ashley Simpson in a bikini. Wonder if she’s sexual napalm lite?


Grace Park

Sexy Grace Park in her bikini…. Damn!

Who knew the Cylon had such a killer body!

grace park bikini

Ashley’s Candy

Whoa… Meet Ashley’s Candy. She fills out a swimsuit fucking nicely!

ashleys candy swimsuit2

ashleys candy swimsuit1

Kristin Bell

Kristin Bell…. Hot sexy blue bikini, in the water…. Fucking nice!


Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt…. No talent. The only thing she has going for her is her blonde hair, her floppy boobs, and her bikini body.


Crazy Sexy Hot Bikini

Jenni from Nubiles has a tight little teen bikini body…..


Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope and a sexy friend in a bikini…. Yum yum yum!

lauren pope bikini friend 8

Janessa Brazil

Some women are born to wear bikinis and look natural at the beach in a sexy white bikini….. Janessa Brazil has got the legs and the boobs for it!

Of course, all women look their best when they are on their knees….



Destiny Moody

Meet Destiny Moody…. She’s a tight little teen hottie in a bikini…. I love chicks in sun glasses and gold bikinis – got to be gold bikinis, although I’m not sure why.

The only thing missing here is a pair of high heels….

destiny moody 1

But I have to admit bikini hottie Destiny Moody looks nice and tight in her bikini….

And her smile is to die for!

destiny moody 2

Maria Menounos

Not sure who Maria Menounos is but she’s cute enough to be posted up here…..

maria menounos bikini

Slutty Cali Logan

I don’t know Cali Logan…. But she pulls off the bikini looks nicely!


At the very least Cali Logan knows how to properly pose in a bikini – legs spread and all!

Danielle Lloyd

Danielle Lloyd looks smoking coming out of the pool in her bikini!

Looks like her bikini top might fall off at any time!

Danielle Lloyd bikini8

Faye Reagan

I found this picture of Faye Reagan on the FTV Girls website. Seems they have a lot of bikini content.

Not sure who the brunette behind her is, but damn, Faye Reagan has a killer little tight body……


Ann Angel

Ann Angel is my type of girl…. She’s the type of chick who will go on vacation to Vegas with you to spend four crazy drunken fun nights, wear her bikini down at the pool every day, and still look beautiful.

Watching her strip out of her pants in public like this….. Instant wood!



Hot Bryci Bikini

If there was every a woman made to wear a bikini, it must be Bryci. Bikinis is all about showing off as much skin as you can, but also as much breasts as you can… And you know that Bryci has the biggest breasts of them all – Bryci is just perfect for the bikini!

This is a sexy bikini Bryci has on – shows off her cleavage perfectly!

bryci hot sexy-bikini

Red Bikini

I love the solo girls and their willingness to get naked…. This is Blue Eyed Cass in her sexy red bikini…..

blue eyed cass bikini

FTV Bikini Sluts

Two hot bikini sluts from FTV Girls!!! Damn!

One of them is none other than Faye Regan too! She’s a hot teen red head!


Where the fuck do they shoot this stuff? I want to visit this beach!

faye-ftv-hawaii2 faye-ftv-hawaii4

Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa in a hot sexy bikini…. So damn hot!

joanna krupa bikini

Bashful Brittany Bikini Babe

Bashful Brittany with her root beer eyes and a long dark hair is always sexy… When this hot teen babe puts on a bikini, all bets are off!

bashful brittany sexy bikini3

Flashing Boobies

Kissable Kaydin is back on the beach, back in her bikini, and flashing us her boobies!

kissable kayden topless

Surfer Girls

Two hot random surfer girls for your viewing pleasure this morning!

random bikini hotties2

random bikini hotties1

Busty Rachel

While we are on the subject of MILFs….. Let’s chat about Busty Rachel! Sometimes it takes a real MILF with really large boobs to really pull off a sexy bikini….. And clearly Busty Rachel has the huge knockers to really pull off a bikini!

Oh, I bet you most MILFs wish they had boobies like Busty Rachel here!


London Hart

Well this is brand new – Her name is London Hart. Usually hot sexy blondes do it for me, but this chick has it going on and all of the curves in just the right places…. When you put her in a bikini – a red bikini, my favorite color – you can see every inch of this hot babe is flawless!

Looks like London Hart is eager to take off her bikini bottom…. Can’t wait to see that!

london hart red bikini

Alisa Kiss

Now this is a hot bikini babe we’d love to go swimming with…. Smoking hot!

Her name is Alisa Kiss, and she’s got a hot little tight blonde with a perfect little bikini body!

alisa kiss sexy bikini14

alisa kiss sexy bikini15

Hot Bikini Day

Well this looks like fun – The bikini that Catie Minx has on looks a lot like the popsicle she’s sucking on. Hmmm. I know that bikinis, hot summer days, and popsicles go hand in hand, but I am wondering if this perhaps there is more going on here than meets the eye… I wonder if Catie Minx has a – gasp! – oral fetish!


catie minx hot bikini babe

Blow jobs and bikinis. Nothing better on a hot summer day!

Perfect Bikini Body

Damn all, if Heidi Montag doesn’t have the best fucking bikini body ever…. Holy shit!

heidi montag bikini big huge fucking knockers1

Sophie Monk Hawaii Bikini Pix

Sophie Monk in a bikini in the ocean in Hawaii…. I’ve noticed the past few months that all of the celebs have decided to hit Hawaii instead of Florida. What’s up with that? Maybe they figured out that a tropical island is better than over crowded beaches in Florida.

Damn, Sophie Monk is looking mighty hot in her bikini here!

Sophie Monk Bikini Hawaii 7

Sophie Monk Bikini Hawaii 6

Big Breasted Bikini Babe

Hot damn Sophia Winters has a killer bikini body… Of course, the tits make the bikini, and Sophia Winters has beautiful huge boobs! Very nice….

Looks like Sophia Winters is taking her bikini top off…

sophia winters hot bikini

I can’t wait to see Sophie Winters topless – her boobs are huge and utterly perfect! This bikini babe is made for motorboating!

Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes. Bikini. Ocean.


Sexy Karla Spice

Karla Spice has a banging bikini body and she knows it…. I mean, she really knows it! This is why Karla Spice is always so willing to show it off!

If any chick you knew had this kind of body – tight little hips, flat stomach, huge perky teen breasts – wouldn’t they want to wear a bikini too?


Now the trick is getting Karla Spice out of that bikini!

Faye Reagan Bikini Hotness

My my my… Faye Reagan wears a bikini nicely! She’s got the body for it…

And the long sexy hair too!

faye regan bikini

Faye Reagan is totally bangable in this hot bikini!

Hot Bikini Slut

Bikinis come and go… But if a woman has boobs, and a decent body, she’ll look mighty fine in a bikini. This big breasted hottie looks great – and looks all hot and sweaty…

Just think – pull in the right direction and that bikini is coming quickly then you can say “doggie style”.

hot bikini babe

That’s right, this bikini slut likes it doggie style. Then again, don’t they all?

Old School

Boy, we’ve come a long long way haven’t we?

Keira Knightley-Atonement-UHQ Pictures 004

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Lewd Fruit is the hot new Pinterest blog devoted to solo girls! Check it out today!

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