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Annabelle Angel

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Saturday morning. Great day to hit the beach. Which makes me think of bikinis. Which in turn makes me think of Annabell Angel. Damn hot.

Why is Annabell Angel on her knees like this? With her legs spread. You should read my blog more often. I’ll explain this again. All women are sluts. They love to spread their legs. They love to have sex (although they’ll tell you otherwise). They love giving head, but good luck getting any of them to admit it. And above all, all chicks love banging other chicks. Trust me on this one!

annabelle angel hot bikini babe1

Oh, they also love getting fucked doggie style. Seriously. They love that. Seems Annabell Angel does too!

annabelle angel hot bikini babe2

This is a great pose from Annabell Angel… Down on her knees, legs spread… we can see all of her cleavage in all of it’s glory. So damn beautiful!

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