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Audrina Patridge Bikini Babe

Here’s yet another hot celebrity who loves to show off her tight little body in a hot bikini – Audrina Patridge. Yeah, she knows how to work it all right!

When ever Audrina Patridge needs some attention, she knows exactly how to do get it – just hit the pool!

audrina patridge bikini dkny jeans malibu beach house5-3-682x1024

audrina patridge bikini dkny jeans malibu beach house2-1-300x190

Old Bikinis!

Whoa. Check out the original bikinis!


Bikini Babe Natasha Belle

It seems that our favorite Russian bikini babe doesn’t get out into the sun too often… But no matter what Natasha Belle STILL looks good in a bikini.

Look at her ass…. All that is stopping you from seeing her tight little ass naked is that bikini bottom… Hot!

nastasha belle bikini babe

Easy one, easy off…. And suddenly Natasha Belle will be naked!

This is why we love chicks in a bikini….

Ashley Tisdale Pink Bikini

Oh how we love our celebrities in hot bikinis…. And even more so when they are hot, young, and tight. The tighter and the more famous the better.

Check it out – Ashley Tisdale in a hot sexy pink little bikini….

ashley tisdale bikini cabo1-2

ashley tisdale bikini cabo2-2

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere. Bikini.

I’d pay a million fucking dollars to hit this. In her bikini.


Catie Minx Bikini

Swimming anyone? Looks like solo girl Catie Minx is enjoying a nice swim on a hot day… Now if only we could get that bikini off of her… That would be just perfect!

You can’t see her tight little ass from here, but she’s got one… And it’s beautiful!

catie minx bikini babe

This is why Catie Minx is sporting a hot silver bikini in the pool – she’s got the body to show off it off!

Ashley Tisdale Tight Bikini Ass

Damn, Ashley Tisdale looks super fucking smoking hot in her bikini in Vegas…. Nice!

Ashley-Tisdale-sexy-bikini sweet celebrity ass20

Ashley-Tisdale-sexy-bikini sweet celebrity ass16

Love Gisele

Love Gisele is a fucking bikini goddess….. With huge fucking knockers like hers, how could she not be?

Damn girl! I bet you she floats in the water without even trying!!!



Eva Longoria

Now this sure looks like fun!


Bashful Bikini

Bashful Brittany sure doesn’t look too fucking bashful in her sexy little bikini now does she?

She’s a whore like all the rest of them, showing off her tight little body!


Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker. Sexy bikini. Beach.

Now I know how I want to spend the rest of summer!

Michelle Hunziker hot sexy bikini1

Michelle Hunziker hot sexy bikini0

Bikinis And Boobies

Just when you thought you’ve seen every last photo of Southern Brooke in a bikini ever… Suddenly you get surprised when you come across a bikini photo of Southern Brooke in a bikini that you’ve never seen before…. hot!

When Southern Brooke wears a bikini, she’s all about the cleavage… .

southern brooke huge-boobs-cleavage

Bikinis and boobies always equals huge cleavage!

Allison Angel

I love Alison Angel. I love Alison Angel sixteen different ways from next fucking Tuesday; I spend most of my time dreaming about things I’d like to do to Alison Angel. Like fucking her. Doggie style. In the pool. Underwater.

That’s why these photos of Alison Angel hold a special place in my heart….. I love me a little bit of Alison Angel in the bikini early in the morning!



Hailey’s Hideaway

Hailey’s Hideaway in a sexy black bikini in a stream… Looks like fun on a hot summer day huh?

haileys hideaway black bikini

Jessica Hart

Australian model Jessica Hart in a sexy purple bikini on the beach…

jessica hart bikini hotness 2

Southern Brooke

Saying Southern Brooke doesn’t have a bikini body is like saying the sun won’t rise in the morning. With tits like this, how could she not totally rock a bikini?

Would you believe her titties are all natural? My gosh…. Imagine being able to play with fun bags like this on a daily basis?

southern brooke huge teen breasts2

southern brooke huge teen breasts1

Hot Slutty Teen

Corin Riggs…. Hot little slutty teen looks like she can handle getting fucked super hard!

You can tell she’s a slut from the way she’s posing in her bikini with her legs spread…. She wants it – badly!

corin riggs hot teen sexy bikini5

Allison Angel

Alison Angel is a hot sexy bikini…… It just doesn’t get much better than this!



Bikini Godess

Boom – When Alison Angel puts it out there, she puts it all out there and she’s not exactly leaving anything to the imagination… Talk about the perfect bikini body – Alison Angel has got it all right… Huge rack, flat belly, and lots of sexy long blonde hair…. perfect!

alison angel bikini

The fact that Alison Angel the bikini godness is on her hands and knees hasn’t escaped us…

Sweet Peachez

Who wouldn’t want to spend the day with Peachez laying out by the pool…… Damn, that would be distracting. It would be impossible to say a word to her without looking at her tight little teen body in displaying, wearing nothing more than a bikini – she might as well be wearing nothing more than her panties!

God, I love her sexy blonde hair……



Allison’s Sexy Yellow Bikini

Get ready for a lot of pictures of Alison Angel, because we’ve got a lot of pictures of this hot teen blonde in a bikini…..

Alison Angel knows damn well that she can rock any bikini, and combined with the fact she lives in Phoenix where it’s always sunny…. There’s a lot of pictures of Alison Angel in various bikinis. Which is a damn good thing!

allison angel yellow bikini1

allison angel yellow bikini2

Miranda Kerr

Wow. Miranda Kerr. Tiny little bikini. Tight celebrity body. Perfect.

Utterly perfect.


AnnaLynne McCord Bikini Pix

Damn, AnnaLynne McCord is smoking hot in a bikini!

This first picture isn’t posed, but it looks like it could be!

AnnaLynne McCord bikini miami3

AnnaLynne McCord bikini miami8

Sexy Purple Bikini

The entire point of a bikini is to show off as much skin as possible… And it seems Destiny Moody has figure this out.

You can also argue bikinis were meant to show off what men want to see the most – titties – and Destiny Moody has just the right sized boobies!

destiny moody sexy bikini

Of course Destiny Moody doesn’t mind getting naked either!

Perfect Bikini Body

I can never ever get enough of Miranda Kerr. Thankfully, there seems to be no shortage of Miranda Kerr bikini photos! Thank god for Miranda Kerr and skimpy bikinis!

It’s moments like these that I am glad I am a man and I can appreciate the finer things in life. Such as Miranda Kerr in a bikini.


Capri Anderson

Meet Capri Anderson. I think she’s a porn star but I’m not sure. What do you think?

capri anderson bikini1

Smoking Hot Bikini

Whoa. Lindsay Lohan, hot bikini, yacht. Don’t care where or when, it’s just smoking hot.

I always knew Lindsay Lohan had a smoking little hot tight body, but wow!


Perfect Bikini Body

In order to really pull off a bikini you have to have the most perfect bikini body… And Destiny Moody has got just that! She’s tall, skinny, still has curves, and has beautiful perky teen breasts.

Of course, her long legs look even better when Destiny Moody is wearing high heels!

destiny moody sexy bikini babe

A bikini and high heels out by the pool… Looks like a great way so spend an afternoon, that’s for sure!

Corin Riggs Plaid Bikini

Some times I think of these girls like they are just teens and don’t give much thought to the fact that they have huge teen boobs… Case in point is Corin Riggs here. I’m picking pictures this morning and it’s like “whoa, I never really noticed she had such huge boobs”. Fucking sweet.

How would you like to go swimming with this hottie?

coring riggs sexy bikini big teen-boobs4

coring riggs sexy bikini big teen-boobs2

coring riggs sexy bikini big teen-boobs5

Tight Bikini Body

After all of this time, Misty Anderson still has a killer bikini body… She’s gotten a little bit older, but that only means that her tits have gotten a little bit bigger! And when it comes to hot women in bikinis, bigger tits are a lot more fun!

Misty Anderson still has those sexy tight hips though….

misty anderson bikini babe

Hot Purple Bikini

There are bikini babes, and then were are chicks that were born to wear a bikini. Destiny Moody is one such babe… Look at her body – flat stomach, perky boobs, perfect in a bikini….

She’s down at the pool ready to have some fun, and while we like seeing Destiny Moody in a bikini we really do want to see her get naked!

bikini babe destiny moody by pool

But first we’ll just have to enjoy Destiny Moody in her sexy purple bikini!

Surfer Girl

The truth is lots of chicks wear bikinis on a daily basis, not because they want to look sexy, but because it’s what teen chicks wear to the beach.

This surfer girl looks sexy in her bikini bottom….


Lia 19 Sexy Black Bikini

Some bikinis are made for the pool, and some are just for show. It seems this bikini Lia 19 is wearing is just for show….. Oh sure, she can wear it to the beach, but it’s so damn beautiful…. If I was Lia 19, I’d be afraid to get this bikini dirty.

But in the mean time, I just want to admire Lia 19 in this sex bikini! Love the top!


Oh Jessica Alba

Check it out – Jessica Alba at the beach in her bikini, doggie style, crawling around on her hands and knees. Sweet!


Bryci The Bikini Queen

No woman is much better than Bryci for wearing a bikini… She’s got all of the curves in the right places, and huge titties… Must have huge titties to fill out the bikini package perfectly…

Bryci in a bikini is sheer perfection… She is the queen of bikinis for sure!

sexy bryci bikini tight ass1

All that is missing with Bryci is the high heels, but for all we know we she might have them on!

Brooklyn Decker

Brooklyn Decker scored the cover of the Sports Illustrated…. I can see why!

brooklyn decker si 2010

Jaimi Hilfiger

Jaimi Hilfiger….. Famous? Maybe. Famous enough to be posted here? Sure, why not? She’s got a killer bikini body!


Hot Bikini Slut

This hot bikini slut looks like she’s ready to rock and roll… This teen babe is a slut through and through. If you look close you can see the tattoos on her arm, and you now what that means… She likes to fuck.

And when teen sluts like to fuck, that means they like to fuck doggie style.

hot bikini babe

All teen sluts like to fuck doggie style!

Carrie Underwood Green Bikini

Carrie Underwood. Green bikini. Beach.

Need we say any more?

Carrie-Underwood-green bikini3

Bikini Ass

Karla Spice and her sexy girlfriend in bikinis….. Look at their asses. Those are two perfect asses.

And the bikini thongs are just perfect for this!


Hot Nu Blog

Lewd Fruit is the hot new Pinterest blog devoted to solo girls! Check it out today!

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