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Lindsay Lohan Blue Bikini

Lindsay Lohan in a blue bikini in Malibu…. Hotness!

Lindsay-Lohan-bikini nipple slipt2

She’s grown up so nicely…. Too bad she’s about as smart as a bag of bricks. But still easy on the eyes!

Emily Saint

Sexy Emily Saint has it going on… And she’s knows exactly how to wear a bikini too!

Trust me, she’s really not a saint. In fact, Emily Saint is a naughty naughty girl!


What a great ass Emily Saint has in this bikini… And of course no bikini would be complete with out the high heels!

Craving Carmen

Sexy teen Craving Carmen in a tiny little bikini…. Very nice!


This is an old picture of Craving Carmen but it seems she’s still around and still updating her site… Hot!

Bikini Boobs

Here’s another bikini hottie with no name… No name but huge boobs!

Perfect for the bikini. Because we know the breasts make the bikini for sure!

bikini hottie huge boobs

Florencia Salvioni

She calls herself Florencia Salvioni. I just call her fucking stunning. Very nice.

Perfect little bikini body!


Kendra Wilkinson

Kendra Wilkinson on the beach in a bikini. Breasts.

See, now in a single moment it’s all so very clear – why Hef was digging into this!


If I had the chance, I’d be hitting Kendra Wilkinson too!

Ana Cunha

Not sure who Ana Cunha is, but she’s looking mighty fine in a bikini!


Who wouldn’t want to hit that?

Ashley Fires

Ashley Fires has a nice sex little bikini on…. I think those are apples on her bikini, which is kind of odd, but still sexy…

Because Ashley Fires has a killer bikini body!

ashley fires bikini

Amy Hixson

Hot bikini babe Amy Hixson… No idea who she is, but she’s totally bangable!


Karla’s Yellow Bikini

Karla Spice is one hot Latina babe who wears a bikini well!

It’s all about the boobs, and Karla Spice has a huge fucking rack for being a teen…. Those are some perfect breasts and they fit in that bikini perfectly!

teen bikini babe27

Karla Spice is a show off!

Wet Peach Bikini

Found this hot bikini babe on the Wet Peach website…

wet peach bikini babe12

Peaches In Bikini

Sexy Peaches in a bikini at the beach…

sexy teen bikini peachez2

Outside Shower

Here’s another bikini hottie with no name. They seem to be crawling out of the woodwork recently.

Looks like this young hottie with the pigtails is taking a shower outside, you know, like something they would have at the beach. Also looks like she’s in a hurry to get naked too, with her hand down inside of her bikini….

hot bikini babe07

Peachez Hot Bikini

My grandmother used to have a peach tree in her back yard, and I always loved peaches. Still do.

But I love this kind of beach more!

sexy teen bikini peachez2

Which begs you to wonder why this bikini clad hottie is called Peachez?

Maybe her snatch is just like a peach… But without the peach fuzz!

Hot Misty Anderson

If any of the solo girls on the Internet today have a hot little bikini body, it’s got to be Misty Anderson. This babe has got it going on. All boobs and ass – and legs.

I know Misty Anderson personally – very well – and this babe works out daily. It’s beautiful to watch really.


What I wouldn’t give to spend the day in the pool with Misty Anderson. Again.

Chloe Bello

This hottie’s name is Chloe Bello. No idea who she is, but she sounds Italian (good!) and has a killer bikini body (great!). I’d hit it!

Chloe Bello-bikini

Surfer Babe

No idea who this surfer babe is, but she’s beautiful from behind!

bikini hottie surfboard

Cassi Colvin

She calls herself a super model, but I’ve never heard of Cassi Colvin. With that said, she looks fucking awesome in a bikini!

Nice bikini boobs!

cassi colvin bikini

I’d hit Cassi Colvin. Not super model beautiful, but beautiful none the less!

Hot Twistys Bikini Babe

I found this hot bikini babe on the Twistys website….. Damn, she wears it well.

You can pull on those little strings and bam, that bikini is coming off quickly! And seeing this bikini beauty stripped of her sexy bikini would be hot!


Raimi Miller

Here’s a special treat….. Raimi Miller in a bikini from the FTV Girls website….. Smoking hottie!


Three Hot Babes

I know we are all about the bikini, but I can take me a nice tight swimsuit every now and then!

I found these three swimsuit hotties on a website called We Live Together!

three girls-swimsuits

Ann Angel Bikini Fun

We have to give props to Ann Angel for wearing a bikini like this… It’s utterly pefect!

Ann Angel is nice and tight all over, and not an ounce of fat. This hot blonde women was made to wear a bikini!

ann angel hot bikini babe 1

It’s entirely possible that Ann Angel has never looked any hotter as when she’s wearing a bikini like this!

Kelly Brook

Oh, how I love it when hot celebrities put on a sexy little bikini and wonders off on a public beach to show off their tight little bodies! In this case, today it’s Kelly Brook. And hot damn, does Kelly Brook have a huge set of knockers!

Looks like Kelly Brook has some big nipples too!


Short Pink Skirt

Annabell Angel. Who wouldn’t want to fuck her?

So young, so blonde, so tight…. I know she’s wearing a bikini bottom here, but I also know in her website she’s going to be taking it off…… so fucking hot.

I’d eat her fucking snatch for hours! I love you Annabell Angel!!

hot bikini babe08

Katy Perry

I’ve never seen Katy Perry in a bikini before. Damn, she’s got boobs!


Star Bikini

No one wears a bikini like Destiny Moody does… And that’s not really much of a bikini now is it? There isn’t much fabric there which is perfect – the smaller the bikini is the more of Destiny Moody we get to see…

And that is one hell of a bikini body Destiny Moody has too!

perfect destiny moody hot bikini

Now if we can just talk Destiny Moody into stripping out of her bikini!

Kardashian Sisters

Now this is the tag team of a lifetime… The Kardashian Sisters in bikinis romping around on the beach!

kim courtney kardashian bikini 1

Lara Bingle

I have no idea who Lara Bingle is. I don’t care. I don’t want to get to know her, have a long chat with her, have kids with her….. I just want to fuck her. In the sand. I want to pound her doggie style, right there in the sand, right up against the rocks, fast hard and quick.

She sure does look beautiful now doesn’t she?

lara bingle swimsuit bikini

Teen Boobie Cleavage

I used to live in Arizona. I’m not proud of that. Fucking hot there. I think it was a state law that all houses had a pool. And the more pools you have per mile (ppm), the more hot teen chicks in bikinis you have. And trust me when I tell you, there is no better way to spend a hot day than in the pool with a hot chick – in a bikini.

This is Lily Luvs…. She’s got a killer fucking bikini body!

And when she leans back…. What a nice view we get! Teen boobie cleavage!

lilly loves sexy bikini2

lilly loves sexy bikini1

Taylor Lain

Taylor Lain in a sexy hot bikini… Perfect. Utterly perfect!

taylor lain hot silver bikini4

taylor lain hot silver bikini5

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox. White bikini. Perky MILF boobs.

Dreams do come true!

courtney cox bikini1

courtney cox bikini2

Gemma Atkinson Bikini Pix

Hot damn, Gemma Atkinson wears her bikini nicely… Then again, there is only one reason why Gemma Atkinson wears a bikini – to show off her huge celebrity boobies!

Gemma Atkinson fills out a bikini nicely… Very nicely!

gemma-atkinson bikini

Out of all of the celebrities who wear bikinis, Gemma Atkinson has got to be the best looking!

Tight Chloe 18

So damn young…. So damn tight….. Who wouldn’t want to have their way with Chloe 18 in her sexy bikini!

I swear, this bikini teen is not a day over the age eighteen…..


Sexy Alison Angel

No bikini blog would be complete without a little bit of Alison Angel, right? Damn, big huge boobies she has!

Alison Angel has a huge rack – and fills out a bikini beautifully!


Then when you see Alison Angel on her hands and knees in her bikini, with her boobies hanging down….. What a beautiful sight!


Corin Riggs

Corin Riggs is a bit new to the Internet, but we’ve seen her before…. Damn perfect bikini body!

Of course, any chick who wears high heels at the pool is the kind of chick we want to see a lot more of!!

corin rigs hot teen pink bikini high heels2

Then when she gets down on her hands and knees…. Doggie style….. She knows she wants to be hit hard and fast!

Just move that bikini bottom over to the side and just go to town on this hot bikini slut!

corin rigs hot teen pink bikini high heels1

Brooke Marks Hot Bikini Fun

Fuck yea – Brooke Marks wears a bikini nicely! She’s hot and tight with her blonde hair – and she’s all personality!

That’s our kind of bikini slut…

brooke marks hot red bikini

Not much of a bikini is it… But that’s fine. The more we see of Brooke Marks, the hotter she is! We like it like this.

This is why we like the bikini. And why we like Brooke Marks too!

Bikini Hotness

We lil like a chick in a bikini, but every now and then we like a little bit more… A little bit of boobs every now and then surely isn’t going to hurt…. In fact, it makes our day!

Destiny Moody has the perfect rack for a bikini. Not obscene, not huge, but just right. The perfect mouthful – and then maybe an extra scoop or two.

destiny moody bikini boobies

When Destiny Moody takes off her bikini top she shows us that her breasts are utterly perfect!

Lesbian Bikini Beach

Looks like Karla Spice is a lesbian at heart… And when she’s hot her sexy little girlfriend in a bikini, well, she gets too turned on and can’t control herself….. All women are lesbians, and when you have two hot babes in bikinis they can’t control themselves. It’s only a matter of time before they are all over each other….

Being as Karla Spice and her sexy girlfriend are already in bikinis, well, they are pretty much half naked to begin with…. And now they are rubbing their boobies up against each other!

teen bikini babe13

Looks like Karla Spice – who is on the bottom – has a nice firm grip on her ass!

Hot Blonde Babe

Here’s another blonde hottie from Bikini Dreams…. I’d hit it!

bikini dream

Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone, hot bikini… No better way to spend a hot summer day!

sunny leaone bikini

Hot Nu Blog

Lewd Fruit is the hot new Pinterest blog devoted to solo girls! Check it out today!

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