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Bikinis With Strings

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I love the kind of bikini that has the little strings on it… One little innocent tug of this string and suddenly that bikini bottom is falling off. If that isn’t hot enough, a similar innocent tug of a string on her bikini to has the same results, making her bikini top fall off and suddenly exposing her huge, beautiful, sexy, round breasts…. When it comes to the bikini I’m not sure which I like best – the bikini top or bikini bottom.

In this case this bikini babe has the perfect little bikini body and the clearly loves showing it off. I know it’s hard to pull away from her perfectly shaped breasts, but take a look at her face for just a moment… she’s got this coy little smile on her lips. She’s hot and she knows it – and more importantly she knows that you would move heaven and earth just to spend some high quality time with her while her bikini is laying in a heap on the floor next to the bed…

Sigh. This bikini goddess is smoking hot!

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