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Destiny Moody Bikini God

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This is a bit different…. You all know how I love Destiny Moody. I think she is perfect in every way, shape, and form. I’ve been working in porn now for seventeen years, and I’ve seen a lot of chicks naked. All chicks have flaws. Setting aside for a moment there are certain poses that are just horrible for women because it folds up their stomach, and then of course there are the odd things like little birth marks or too much hair on their legs or what not. One chick we used to shoot, she made us a lot of money, but she had super hairy arms. It was a huge turn off for me. But when I look at Destiny Moody all I see is pure perfection.

There is not a single flaw on her body…

When Destiny Moody puts a bikini on and shows off her body fully…. It’s just beautiful. Her body is beautiful, and her face is oh so beautiful too.

Look at her in this bikini….

You can bet Destiny Moody loves showing off her tight little body in her bikini.

What I think the most about Destiny Moody in this bikini is her breasts. The bikini shows off the breasts perfectly, and she uses this to her full advantage. Some chicks have boobs that are too big for a bikini, and others have tits that are too small in a bikini. Destiny Moody, on the other hand, has the most perfectly sized breasts to show off in a bikini….

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