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Alison Angel’s Tight Bikini Body

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Allison Angel seems to love showing off her bikini body…

Allison Angel had always been the perfect daughter. She got good grades, stayed out of trouble, and made her parents proud by gaining admission to Arizona State University right after high school. Her first two years of college went smoothly, with Allison continuing her studious habits and polite demeanor.

But in her junior year, things started to change. Allison began skipping classes and her grades slipped. She stayed out late, going to parties and clubs. Her parents got calls about Allison’s behavior in her dorm – loud music late at night, a smelly room, and frequent overnight male guests.

The final straw was when Allison completely stopped attending classes. She told her parents she needed time off and officially withdrew from ASU. Her parents were devastated, having saved for years to pay for her education.

With no job and no school, Allison started spending her days lounging by the pool at her apartment complex. She loved to show off her tight body and perky tits in sexy bikinis. She made friends with other pool-goers, mostly male. Her parents heard rumors about Allison drinking all day and hooking up with random men.

By the end of the summer, Allison had broken up with her high school boyfriend, dropped 30 pounds, and dyed her hair platinum blonde. Her parents barely recognized their once studious, determined daughter. They worried about Allison but she refused to listen, insisting she just needed a break from the pressures of school.

Deep down, Allison Angel knew she was self-destructing. But for now, she preferred spending her days floating aimlessly in the pool to getting back on track. She had changed from the perfect good girl into a reckless rebel, with no plans to correct her course anytime soon.

Let’s hope Allison Angel never changes!

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