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Naughty Allie Bikini Beauty

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This is Naughty Allie. You might not know her; I don’t usually post about her. Here on Rochard’s Bunny Ranch we like chicks, no MILFs. Not that I don’t like MILFs; I surely do. Everyone does. But that is not what this blog is about. Any way, I’ve known Naughty Allie for a long time now and frankly she hasn’t aged too much – she still pulls off a bikini nicely. I know it for a fact that Naughty Allie is a wild tiger in bed. She’s a swinger, and she loves threesomes and foursomes. Who doesn’t?

Damn Naughty Allie looks good in a bikini!

I bet you a chick like Naughty Allie – dare I call her a MILF again – must work out daily to keep her body looking like this. I have no idea how old she is but I’ve been in the business for twenty years, and I believe I’ve known her for nearly that long… But damn she looks good in that bikini.

I think Naughty Allie is in Southern California – it looks like she is at a lifeguard station. You know you’ve seen them in Bay Watch, but never in real person – unless you live in Southern California. I’ve seen them before, but never with a bikini goddess in them.

I could see Naughty Allie on Bay Watch!

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