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Pulling Bikini Strings

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There are so many different kinds of bikinis out there. Some show off more than others, and yet some aren’t really bikinis at all. All men like titties and bikinis that show off a lot of cleavage is always sexy too!

But we think the hottest bikinis are the ones that are super easy to take off…. You know, pull one string and that bikini bottom is coming off! Those are always hot. The bikini shows off as much as the body as they can while still having clothes on, but knowing that a single tug of a string can take off a bikini bottom is super hot!

sexy hot bikini babe

This bikini hottie from Alluring Vixens has the exact kind of bikini we are talking about – look at that! One little pull and boom, that bikini bottom is coming off quickly!

Then this bikini babe will be naked!

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